About Us


We are a chef driven, hand crafted, small batch spice blend company.   

I was a professional chef for 25 years, with 20 of them working for Wolfgang Puck. I've worked in casual restaurants doing 900 dinners a night making burgers, pizzas and fresh pastas, running a fine dining asian restaurant with heavy Chinese influence as well as Thai, Korean and Vietnamese, exclusive 20 course tasting menu dinners, and anything in between.  Food and cooking are a huge part of my life, but cooking at home for my family, I don't always have time to spend hours making meals, and that's where Spoon Spices as born.

Why you should try our spice blends...

We are taking over 25 years of cooking different cuisines and bringing it to your spice cabinet. Not just for the ease of using it, but getting everyone to step out of their comfort zone and explore new flavors without having to invest hours cooking. If you like the flavors, then try that restaurant down the street or buy a cookbook and cook at home for your family and friends.

What makes our spice blends different?

We are taking the fine dining way of building dishes to have balanced flavors, and making it easy for everyone. We blend all of our spices in small batches so we can focus on the quality and consistency of our spice blends.
Spoon Spices